Eco-Friendly Yoga Bolster Cover

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Product Details
Product Details
Eco-friendly yoga bolster cover
Do you search for a perfect yoga bolster cover? In fact, yoga bolster is one more tool that is definitely supposed to help you with your yoga practice. So it’s a great idea to pay attention to the yoga tools by Kosha. They are made of bacteria- and odor-resistant fabrics to be 100% safe and user-friendly and suit everyday use perfectly.
Your perfect yoga bolster cover
Protect yourself from harmful bacteria
Safe for you to use
Due to Kosha’s materials, this yoga bolster cover is EPA approved to kill mold and the bacterial microbes like e.coli, etc.
Top-quality materials only
This yoga bolster cover is designed with extra durability in mind: it’s made of materials that prevent deterioration and discoloration.
No unpleasant odors anymore
The use of unique bacteria-resistant materials let the manufacturer make this yoga bolster cover an actually odor-resistant piece.
Extended service life
Due to inhibiting the growth of bacteria and
mildew, this yoga bolster cover by Kosha has
an increased lifetime.
Easy to clean
You definitely won’t have any difficulties with cleaning this yoga bolster cover. You don’t need to worry that it will be destroyed by repeated washing: just throw it into the washer and dryer, and that’s it.
Easy to carry
All the yoga tools from Kosha are designed
to make it comfortable for you to use them wherever you are. This is why this yoga bolster cover is really easy to carry.
Take it with you
wherever you go
This eco-friendly yoga bolster cover lets you do yoga wherever you go, even if you’re going to travel. What’s more, it’s made of bacterium- and odor-resistant materials to provide your 100% safety. Don’t miss a chance to get a user-friendly yoga bolster cover for your convenience!
About Yoga Accessories Kosha

Kosha covers, created by twin entrepreneur yogis, are simple. The cover fully encloses the mat, like a pillowcase, eliminating the need to clean or buy a new yoga mat. A zipper around the perimeter allows easing the insertion and removal of the mat.

These covers aren’t made from your typical cotton or microfiber fabric. Kosha created an anti-bacterial fabric specifically for yoga. The soft-touch fabric is an innovative, eco-friendly, odor-free, and anti-bacterial material that keeps you safe and protects the longevity and safety of your yoga products.

Fabric Certification – EPA and AATCC 30, 100, 135.In doing this, our fabric:
• Prevents deterioration and discoloration
• Is EPA approved to kill mold, mildew, odor-causing bacteria, and the bacterial microbes e.coli, staph,
and k.pneumoniae.
• Prolongs the life of an article by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mildew
• Provides hygienic freshness
• Provides a treatment that is not destroyed by repeated cleaning/washing
• Resists odors through chemical protection
• has high commercial grade abrasion resistance

Facility Certification – Environmentally friendly ( OEKO-TEX, BlueSign Textile, and ISO).

Designed In
Los Angeles, California
Brand values
Made in USA


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