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What Other Customers Have Said About Premium Car Seat Headrest Pillows

  • Mike Martinez


    I bought this headrest because we were going on a 4,000-mile road trip. My wife, son, and I took turns driving and sitting in the back seat to rest using the headrest. This item works great. The headrest also looks good and blends in with the interior of my truck. I definitely recommend this headrest if you are planning on driving long distances.

    January 13 at 11:03 AM

  • Amber Hall


    I always disliked looking in my rear view mirror and seeing my booster seated granddaughter sleeping and leaning over to her left with nothing to support her. When that happens, she is not in the shoulder strap correctly. I bought this for that reason. She loves it, it works, and I am happy with my purchase. It also looks sharp in the car and can fold up along the car headrest. If an adult is sitting there and wants to use it, no problem. It adjusts easily to all sizes.

    27 January 11 at 10:25 AM

  • Christine Blake


    Great!! As a parent, I have struggled when my little guy falls asleep in his booster seat. He’s always hunched over. I wish I would’ve found this item sooner. Probably my favorite find so far!

    January 9 at 12:10 PM

  • Hollie Mallown


    For some reason, some of our adult kids complained about the purchase (who were all participants in the 25-hour marathon drive), perhaps they thought it frivolous. Notwithstanding, they all had their sleepy heads propped against the headrest at various times during the trip. I am leaving them in the car permanently. I am not super mechanical but found them easy to install and operate.

    January 8 at 11:03 AM

  • George Bale


    Absolutely the perfect solution to the “sleep slump over” that most kids suffer from. Very well made and it does the trick!

    January 4 at 10:20 AM

  • Simon Messina

    San Mateo

    This headrest pillow was a great idea, it was easy to install. I thought it would make the interior of the car look weird but to my surprise it does not. I am contemplating on buying more just to make it look even. I have it in the back of my wife’s Kia Nero so she can sit in the back with our baby boy, be comfortable when taking a nap when we go on our long road trips. It seems firm when installed properly and the foam feels firm and comfortable for a few mins that I have tried it. My wife says she approves it, even though at first she was very skeptical and wanted me to return it.

    33 January 2 at 11:49 AM

  • Justin Young


    Love this thing. Bought it for a road trip not so long ago and I thought it would be uncomfortable or hard and I was very wrong. After a lovely two hour nap, my neck didn’t hurt at all. The sides are actually quite comfortable, not too hard nor too soft. My head didn’t roll around even on the bumpy road.

    January 13 at 8:30 AM

  • John Meissner


    This thing is perfect for a recent trip. Easy to install and works great for napping in the car!! Love this product and recommend it to every car owner!

    Reply 17
    January 12 at 8:02 AM

  • Maddison Gray

    New Orleans

    It works great! Much better than I was expecting! I installed it on the seat with my son’s booster car seat, so when he sleeps in the car, his head won’t keep falling aside or falling forward. I actually asked my son to seat on the booster seat and test it, he said it’s great and comfy! And the other thing I like is the headrest is adjustable, and when you don’t need it, you can turn it behind.

    January 9 at 17:07 PM

  • Laura Burns


    This product is great! I think it is even better than a neck pillow people use to travel with for sleeping purposes. This headrest is super sturdy and stable and holds up head/neck during long car rides. I feel a lot safer when my niece and nephew sleeps in the car now. Their poor little necks don’t get so darn twisted. Very easy to put on. My niece and nephew ages 8 and 9 were able to use this with no problem as it is adjustable to their size. I used to carry a travel size neck pillow in my truck just in case anyone wants to sleep in the car, but i got rid of it because this headrest is a game changer. Definitely a car accessory everyone should have especially if you have kids.

    January 5 at 14:27 PM

  • Carter Hewitt

    San Diego

    We travel a lot in car for long distances and it was always discomforting for my wife while taking a nap during the drive. We were looking for something that was affordable and easy on neck. This serves the purpose of the head rest and glad I bought one. It was also very easy to install. Totally recommend for long distance travels.

    January 2 at 20:03 PM


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