Boo Boo Butter Tube Minor Skin Issues

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Product Details
Product Details
Boo Boo Butter
For Dog’s Skin
Made to keep your pet happy and healthy!
Does your pup need some help in the paw department? Are rough, dry paw pads taking away from playtime? Well, our Boo Boo Butter is just what the veterinarian ordered! Boo Boo Butter is our handcrafted, all-natural, rich salve/balm/ointment remedy for any minor skin irritation that needs extra support and attention, but is not a clutch your pearls emergency.
Healthy paws make happy dogs!
Boo Boo Butter: features & benefits
Works like magic
The Boo Boo Butter is Organic, USDA Certified, made in MN, USA and you will feel the difference right away after its application. Our dog paw butter will help protect, heal, and give back the lost grip and stabilization to your best friend when walking on hardwood floors.
High quality all the way
See cracks and dry skin disappear and forget short walks with your dog. Our Boo Boo Butter for dogs is made with selected natural ingredients that will make your dog’s paws, elbow, nose, and skin color healthy again. Say bye to dogs cracked paws once and for all.
Made with 100% organic ingredients
The Boo Boo Butter is made with shea butter, castor oil, olive oil, argan oil, neem oil, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, avocado oil, cocoa seed, butter, infusions of comfrey, st. John’s wort, chamomile & calendula, plus a dash of essential oil; cedarwood, cypress, & lavender.
Your dog will love you even more
Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing your dog suffer from dry skin on paws, nose, and elbows. Our puppy skin butter acts helps any dog breed, ages & sizes. Made of organic ingredients, it absorbs quickly, and is harmless when licked.
Multipurpose solution
for skin problems
Our Boo Boo Butter soothes irritated facial folds (nose wrinkles, brows furrows, etc.), eases tear staining irritation, alleviates clipper/brush irritation, softens crusty ear edges, helps banged up “happy tails”, soothes tailless dog’s tail area, helps kick start healing for nicks, cuts, and abrasions, relieves fungal & bacterial issues.
About The Blissful Dog

For over twenty years I bred and showed top winning, number one, fancy, schmancy french bulldogs. As you know, show dogs have to look and feel great to bring home the big ribbons and french bulldogs are notorious for having dry, crusty noses. There was nothing available for dog noses and the suggested options were full of petroleum by-products or didn’t work. The wheels began to turn. One day at the turn of the century, back I dabbed some shea butter on my frenchie’s nose and the next day they looked much better. I was off and running!

At first I gave my concoction away at dog shows until finally the light bulb flickered and I realized my Nose Butter could be a real product. Fast forward thru all the hard work, business building, recipe testing, mistakes and moves and here we are today. The Blissful Dog® Inc. is a multinational corporation helping dogs look and feel better all over the world.

We’ve gone from a one frazzled woman show to providing jobs for 10 people here in northern Minnesota. Our product line has grown from just Nose Butter® to a complete range of butters, aromatherapy and now bath and body products. While we still handcraft all of the butters and aromatherapy here at The Blissful Dog, we have trusted partners (and old friends) who handle the shampoo production.

Our goal is to help you provide your customers with all natural answers for their dog’s minor health issues. Plus, have fun while doing so!

Designed In
Clearbrook, Minnesota
Brand values
Made in USA
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